• Semi-annual Berkeley Innovation Forum with Global Corporate Leaders
  • Connect practitioners within the forum with relevant researchers to address business, policy and social challenges.
  • Support research on the important growth challenges facing India, including projects on energy, healthcare, entrepreneurship, smart villages, financial inclusion, digital commerce, telecommunications and climate change.
  • Facilitate interactions between academics, corporate executives and academic institutions in India coordinated by Berkeley-Haas faculty.
  • Serve as a gateway to UC Berkeley’s research and teaching ecosystem.


In Partnership with the All India Management Association

To restore and enhance economic and business expansion post-Covid-19 in India through collaborative solutions driven by engagement with a) corporate CEOs, b) UC Berkeley faculty, and c) government officials to accelerate market growth. This will be a private event – the Chatham House Rule applies, so press and social media are prohibited. Participating corporate CEOs will present a brief outline of their collaborative strategy for each of the three proposed initiatives and will appoint a nodal officer to develop a roadmap in partnership with UC Berkeley.

Past Program - BIFI Agenda 2020
Date Key Initiatives for Developing Roadmaps Include:
August 5, 2020 

Establish India as the Second Manufacturing Hub for Diversified Global Supply Chains

  • Expand hub-diversification strategies
  • Develop efficient supply chains for consumables
August 6, 2020

Develop Digital Infrastructure for Early Education and Skill Development for Job Creation

  • Leverage digital platforms to deliver holistic early education to build a talent pipeline
  • Accelerate digitally-enabled certified corporate training for job creation among aspirational youth
August 7, 2020

Build Ecosystems in Key Sectors to Mitigate Pandemic Risk

  • Create digital healthcare solutions for efficient last-mile access
  • Create transparent agriculture platforms for frictionless farm-to-plate channels
  • Deepen financial inclusion and risk management in underserved sectors and regions