Center for Growth Markets


The Center for Growth Markets (CGM) focuses on solving growth and development challenges in fast-growing economies that represent the business, and human capital development opportunities of the 21st century.

CGM provides intellectual leadership and creates actionable research findings to solve the challenges faced by businesses, governments and civil society in these markets. It draws from the exceptional intellectual resources of the Haas School of Business and UC Berkeley, as well as thought leaders from industry and government.

CGM Partners with:


CGM collaborates with companies to  generate research results that addresses the unique challenges they face in growth markets through product design and innovation.



Policymakers & Government Agencies

The center builds knowledge and policy at the interface of business and government. By supporting the creation of enabling regulation it advances sustainable, inclusive and innovative marketplaces.




CGM collaborates with top universities on research, teaching and policy engagement. The Center also builds knowledge partnerships with leading universities in growth markets, engaging in joint research that builds local and global expertise. We disseminate that knowledge through tailored curricula that address local business communities needs.

Twenty years ago I put aside all my other research and decided to devote myself primarily to the study of two countries: India and China. In the world today, growth economies are at the center of innovation opportunities. This Center for Growth Markets has been launched by leading scholars at Haas who believe in the importance of global growth and innovation. These scholars are also tackling the challenges posed by climate change and inequality.

Ann E. Harrison

Dean, Haas School of Business